Monday, August 13, 2012

Have a productive day

Its ridicously cold here...I am wrapped in my pashmina, trying to do my daily work..and I cant even feel my, what do I do? Resort to warming up my fingers by tapping on the keypads..ahh...I wish I can be at home, curled up on my bed with a good book to read...oh la la. That would be heaven on earth. Instead I stucked in the daily routine of work...trying my upmost best to clear the files on my that they would not be blocking my views.. I wish someone in the admin or in the air cond control room has the decency to do something about this temperature..its supposed to be centralised air I can imagine, I am not the only one freezing here...ahhhhh. So, If I am not able to perform to usual my tip top standards...hmmm...I take no responsibility for that. Thank you...have a productive day.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I wonder whether I have the right to say the things that I feel, want and need. I realised in the hard way, sometimes the closest people around you do not think or share the same thoughts like you do. I guess if I do not have the avenues to speak, to be honest with myself, I shall just lie still in pain, let others do the talking for me...but they cant never feel my pain.

If I need to cry, I will cry on my own. If I feel pain, I shall treat it on my own. If I feel lost, I will have to find the way will always be on my own...I guess I can only depend on myself..

Tuesday, January 31, 2012



It was a tiring and a trying day for me today. Quite honestly, when the pain becomes too bad, you tend to be numb. And I was in a state of numb the whole day. Have to be reminded constantly of my nawaitu and my faith. Constantly.