Monday, May 18, 2009

A pinch of everything

I have survived 2 weeks at my new office...hurrah!My days have been filled with meetings,in the mornings, afternoons and sometimes in the evenings.Then it's the "I wish I have more hours in the day" to finish my work.I can only start work after all the still trying to adapt..but I dont think I am able to take baby steps, I have to take big giant steps. Its a new ball game now.

Anyway enough about work, last weekend was full for me. first, I had to go to abang's place untuk family meeting. I thought I was able to sleep and rest but kak called, abang spoke, so,I had to drag the whole family with me to Gombak. Thank goodness hubby can be VERY understanding. He tolerates a lot of my requests especially when its about my family.Although I feel guilty imposing a lot of things on him. My family can quite forceful at times.Sometimes, the WE can be a bit too much for me and him.I dont think he is fully comfortable with the family and I do not blame him.I have always given priorties to my family. But, sometimes,there are things better left unsaid.

Sunday, was lunch with the rest of the family with Mak Tam and Pak Tam's family.We had a belated mother's day celebration at Khatijah's Kitchen.Mak was in Alor Setar.I wished that she was there tapi nak buat macam mana. Mak deserves to be happy no matter where she is.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I am suppose to be still a bit under the weather and tired, the kids and hubby are asleep but I just had a marathon session of GA. So I am unable to sleep...the season finale of GA left me feeling mind is doing some somersault exercises at the moment.This is #%&*'s just plain crap.

p.s need to see the doctor tomorrow, the throat is still very sore...double crap!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

So true.

Am too tired for my brain or my body....does this make sense. It does not have to be something logical....just plain...fact. It is a SOOOO tired. I want to sleep badly...but the body refuses to connect with the brain.So, am posting rubbish...just to occupy the time...Sofia, bless her, she thinks mama is doing some NOT TRUE!!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

101- New steps

After a brief but eventful trip(tahlil, makan, makan & makan)to Alor Setar, am back in KL. Today is my second day at the new office. Hmm, quite memenatkan. But what's life without any challenges. On my first day, tersilap masuk bangunan, ada dua bangunan with one podium.Today tersilap parking...parking sebelah the big man himself....heheh tersilap lot.Tak apa, take small steps at a time.

p.s adik tanya I, nenek buat apa? So, I said "nenek apa?". She replied, Tok hajjah buat apa? I tanya dia "adik rindu kat tok hajjah ke". Adik jawab "Tok Hajjah ada kat Alor setar. Adik rindu Tok hajjah".(To be honest I was terkejut with the response..does she knows the meaning of rindu and I didnt expect that from a 3+, somehow the sentence macam perfect aje). Than she pondered. and said this.."Tok hajjah beli ais krim". Alahai, adik. Sedih pulak rasanye.