Saturday, February 28, 2009

There are many colours in the rainbow....

Sometimes when you listen to a particular song, certain lyrics of the song will be repeated in your head, you be humming it at odd times and places, well, I have this particular song in my head at the moment....I have heard it about three times and have been very fascinated with the lyrics ...this particular song was sang by a little boy...what fascinates me was the message that it was sending coupled with the innocence of the boy's voice. The song was about giving our children the freedom to explore, be creative and just being CHILDREN. Parts of the lyrics that fascinates me are ...."there are many colours in the rainbow, there are colours in the morning sun, there are colours in the flowers....". I wish I know who sang the song, the title of the song and where can I buy the CD...hmm, maybe I need to contact radio IKIM about you think they would entertain such a query?

Anyway, last week was quite a mixture of sadness, anxiety, tense and a bit of contentment. I had the monthly meeting last Friday, gave my most sincere talk to my staff and officers. I was glad I didn't break down, I had to keep all my emotions in placed, say what was needed to be said only...and quite frankly, I was surprised with myself that I was very calm and articulate. Words came out smoothly (in Bahasa, mind you)....I felt my message got through to them. How disappointed I felt and the lack of respect from them.

That's one episode that is quite over for the moment....another one crept up pulak. I found out that my neighbour doesn't want Sofia to play with her seems that the maid's pay will be cut if she allows my little Sofia in the house ....hmm, I don't know the whole truth about this, but what upsets me is that my little girl will cry her head off cos she wants to play with her friend and she doesn't know WHY she is not allow to PLAY with friend. It breaks my heart, I wish the grownups will more MATURE....I have no qualm about letting kids into my house to play, I don't have collections of crystals or furniture are well worth the money that I have spend...they are still presentable even though not the latest designs....I wont go hysterical if the floor is dirty, the toys are strewn children are not some untamed animals, they are just like other KIDS...and I am grateful for that.

With all the drama, that are going around in my life at the moment, I deserved a treat....and which I did.I treated myself to a movie....Marley & was funny and yet sad. I bawled at the end of the movie. What I like about the movie that it was light and relaxing...nothing over dramatic, in fact everything was quite predictable...just a story about relationships.

I plan to do some painting this weekend, hmm it's Sunday today, am still at the computer making an entry on my blog, the other half is lighting up the charcoals.....we will be having masak lemak daging salai and ikan sembilang bersambal , hmm, jadi nampak gayanya, the walls will be a wishful dream....for the moment.

I wish I could make my entries everyday but am realistic about not having the time to do so. It would be unethical for me to do so during office hours....even reading the emails pun, I will read them in the morning cos ada saja staff masuk rasa tak seronok nak baca emails. I will of course go through my official emails first, we have been receiving a quite a lot of questions on our services and some legal problems...and these emails have to be addressed ASAP. There are some dear friends like Sue, Zura, Shanaz and Hanim, and my sisters who will sent some hilarious emails...especially from Sue. Hmm, for someone who is always busy...or she claims to be busy...ada masa nak hantar benda merapu.....heheheh. Anyway Sue, I need THOSE EMAILS to keep me sane...hehehe. So keep them coming, cos with all the problems in the world, there are still many colours in the rainbow...and you, my friend is one of them, MUAH,MUAH,MUAH.
(made my entry on the 28 Feb, just a paragragh....baru hari ni boleh sambung, Sunday, 7 March...hmm.)

Monday, February 23, 2009


I am so angry with my some of my staff and officers....but my mood has changed for the better in the afternoon. I am feeling much better than this morning ...I was so pissed off with this particular officer (LA), if only I could say a piece of my mind to her.....tak apa simpan untuk meeting hari Jumaat ni.

So, much for Monday blues.... walahal had a lovely weekend ,bawak the kids to watched Geng: Pengembaraan (Upin & Ipin). The animation was very good but a bit scray untuk budak-budak, especially the scenes dalam hutan....with the sound effects (we were seated the third row from the front...pening kepala and sakit tengkok...) can be quite violent(standard budak-budak la)...adik menjerit, oops more like shieking, covering her face with her jacket, at times, duduk mengecil dalam seat, peeping through her jacket.....ada masa pulak duduk atas mama dia, tutup my mata with her jacket....but bila ada scenes yang seronok, she was laughing so loudly until kakak tegur dia, I said to kakak biar aje adik.....they really had fun. Both of them enjoyed the movie......where was ayah ? Ayah was at hardware store in Ikano, dari mula hantar sampai habis movie.....

Back to today, the mood got darker by the seconds bila masuk kerja, bila I smsed semalam to one of my LAs suruh pi ke court, dia tak jawab, tunggu-tunggu, tak masuk kerja walaupun jam dah 8.30 pagi, called her up, didnt bother to answer.....she only call balik pukul 9 lebih kata pi klinik and ada mediation session pagi ni. Awat la, tak cakap awal-awal, I could not go the courts today cause ada some juvenile clients datang with their parents untuk lepa hari Rabu. Interview dah set pukul 9 pagi. Guess what! She only left a message with the receptionist, DIDNT BOTHER TO TALK TO ME PERSONALLY!!!!

So, I pun mengadu to my better half and Amal. Went into damage control mode by asking one of LAs to attend to the cases ( at three diferrent courts), LA kata baju dia tak sesuai pi court la and dia ada duty kat service centre, sorang lagi LA terpaksa pi family court, ada a few matters depan Y.A and TP (given to her by one of the LO yang bercuti (how convenient) ), so lepas aje jumpa the clients.....I berkejar ke court pulak nak tolong my LAs....I pulak pi cari lepa, tak boleh nak contact cos dah ada dalam court....hmm, pi cari penyakit. Tak apa la naik turun tangga pun puas hati. Kerja kena buat jugak.

All these would not have happened if 1. kalau my LOs ada...2.kalau I tak approve cuti one of my LO (sorang pi BTN); 3. kalau that particular LA jawab my sms; and 4. kalau LO tak memandai bagi kes dia kat LA without my knowledge;

BUT whatever it is, it is your self worth and work ethics that matters.So kepada yang berkenaan, belajar-belajarlah ETIKA KERJA YANG BAIK.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Adik dah pi sekolah

Adik dah masuk taska, well to her its sekolah. She has been bugging ayah dia , asyik nak ke sekolah aje. Everyday, the morning scenario would be the same, she would lug in her bag into ayah's car with kakak. Ayah would sent kakak to school and divert her attention by stopping by Petronas for some "pauing". Giving all sort of excuses to why she cant go to school can be quite tiring.

In fact, one occasion that I went shopping just the two us, she asked me to buy a baju gown untuk pi sekolah. Buat uniform lah tu. So, I beli lah gown merah and white bow, nampak sweet lah and harga pun boleh tahan. Children clothes kadang-kadang tu cost more than adults. Anyway, dah side track dah.

So, back to cerita adik pi sekolah, ayah was so tired of hearing her whinning nak pi sekolah, so ayah pun berhenti kat Taska, adik dah buka selipar nak masuk dalam dengan selambanya....was stopped by ayah from masuk ke dalam (kesiankan)....tanya kat cikgu, kata tak boleh, they accept only 4 years olds...well, adik will be 4 this year (duh!), told him to contact the pengetua.All these was related to me by ayah malam tu. I can imagine, adik would have been sad that day.....

Anyway, the good news, adik dapat masuk sekolah selepas some persuasion. On her first day (it was unplanned but as usual adik was equipped with school bag, both of us were there to see her masuk dalam taska dengan penuh relax, duduk depan cikgu yang tengah mengajar a small kid mengaji...I jengok,we were assured by the teachers that she would be fine and not to WORRY, so we gave our phone numbers, balik ke rumah ambik diapers and botol susu..and so balik semula ke taska hantar the stuff, I tengok aje from the curb, ayah yang masuk...then I was on my way to Putrajaya.In my heart I was saying things like adik okay ke, tak kecik sangat ke, kakak masuk standard 1 pun kena tunggu, ni macam mana dengan adik, but at the back of my mind, I knew that adik was more confident than kakak.

Bila balik rumah that evening, she had a lot to tell.She was trying to tell so much, faham tak faham aje, it was pretty amusing to listen... Next day bibik her gave some nuggets as bekal, she told me later in the evening that cikgu bagi mee, tapi adik tak ada duit...told her adik tak payah bayar, adik boleh makan, cikgu bagi untuk semua orang...then she said mee pedas, adik makan nuggets. Alahai.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Butterflies, hands and bears...

So, do you like my new blog page or whatever you called it in IT slang ...heheh. It was created by Syu, my lovely seems that I owe her a Nintendo game for it, hmm...I think she is more kaya than me...she can bloody well afford it on her own...heheheh.

I dont know what the hands and the butterflies signifies...Syu said, the left side was pretty that was the reason of having butterflies and hands...haiya, she could have at least tipu me by saying that it signifies something worthy. So, I said maybe it signifies me with my kids & hubby....boleh lah tu.

I love my gambar(s).....cute kan. That was me at the age of 3 or 4 years old. Adik Sofia thinks the gambar yang pegang bunga ros tu dia...and she went on to describe what "she" wore....okaylah, maybe ada some similarities...especially, the sepet eyes....I did look kinda of Chinese masa kecik-kecik dulu.

Gambar yang tengah bercakap kat telefon tu pulak , I was holding my favourite bear...I don't what happened to it, but I know I am married to one now. The bear I was holding was pretty tame and cuddly....the BEAR that I have now can be quite frisky and naughty....heheheh. I don't know whether bears by nature smoke but mine does like a chimney....24/7.

Anyway Syu, thanks a million for the new face lift, I love it especially the arrangement of the pics but I want back my titles.....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Muah, muah, muah !

I got my wish today....yeyeye...I watched a movie this morning. The notion of going off to the cinema on my own to watch a movie was playing on my mind...on and on a broken record player. Well, I put my plans into action this morning. Got up early as usual, but this morning I went out to buy breakfast for Tam and her family. Tam came over on Friday, spend a night over, she planned to go down to Seremban to visit Siti Sara.
So, off I went in the morning with hubby and adik in tow to buy kueh and roti canai. We had a cup of hot drinks each minus adik, she had ice tea (hubby's choice)(in the morning!!!! agh!) while waiting for the roti canai.
Tam took mum along, it was very kind of her...mum needs to get away from the kids anyway..heheh. Since mum was with Tam, I didnt feel guilty at all, the idea of treating myself to a movie was so delicious. I was salivating. So, I tried to sell the idea of watching a movie to hubby....said there was a movie I was kinda eager to see...told him the movie was at 11.15am...enough time for him and the kids to do our weekly shopping for groceries at Tesco and would meet them for lunch. So, hubby, said yeah...told the kids to have their bath...pronto...before hubby changes his mind...hehehe.
Anyway, to cut it short, we went out too early, I was at the cinema about 1 hour before show time....the shopping complex was kinda empty, tenants baru nak buka kedai. I waited patiently...making my observations on the surroundings... and on the couples around me....bought myself a box of regular popcorns...stuffed my face with it while waiting patiently...texted Syu and Amal about my visit to the cinema.....heheh, felt kinda of good although said I will be thinking of Amal while watching the movie nanti.
I was the first to masuk the panggung, sat there alone for about 15 minutes before the rest trickled in....since it was a chic flick, I didnt expect any guys, well minus the couples la, but to my amazement there was these three guys ( they look kinda of regular not the lembut-lembut kind) sat a row infront of me watching BRIDE, they must be really be - i. into romantic comedies, ii.were sent by their girlfriends to be more sensitive with their (the girlfriends la) needs, iii.they are into Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway or iv. there was nothing better to watch.
Anyway, I am glad hubby gave a couple of hours time off from the girls and some ME TIME. Enjoyed the movie although it was so-so for me. To hubby, MUAH MUAH MUAH !

Friday, February 6, 2009

Jangan tarik muka....

Am looking forward to watching a movie this weekend. Lama sangat tak tengok movie.I hope my wish will materialise. Its so difficult to escape for a few hours from the kids, unless of course if I am at work...hmm, maybe I should just say to the kids that mama is working this weekend. For the past 2 weekends, I have in fact been working.....ahh...I need to rest then.
Had cuti last Monday, ingatkan boleh lah tengok wayang, but felt kinda guilty cos mak is with me, tak sampai hati nak disappear for a few hours pulak....lagipun adik pulak came down with a nasty cold ...courtesy from the brought her to the clinic....ambik ubat, lepas tu pi One U. Ingatkan nak beli payung aje... she has been bugging me to buy payung....kawan dia ada payung barbie....hmm, pi Toys'rus...tak ada pulak tapi adik "paued" mama bagus punya....macam barang-barang beli....she knew how to play on my guilt spot....
Lepas beli toys, pi beli pulak baju untuk kakak and adik...tengah sale (perpetually on sale)...berbaloi lah jugak....I got myself 2 tops...bolehlah...adik suruh beli something untuk ayah, adik ni selalu ingat kat orang lain, hmm must let her go shopping alone with ayah, maybe ayah will buy something for mama then.
Balik rumah, kakak dah balik from school, apa lagi tarik muka la. Mujur tok tak tarik muka....hehehe.
So, lets hope weekend ni, the girls and Tok Hajah tak tarik muka kalau mama keluar tengok wayang...hehehe

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Adik tengok kartun....,

Am on my bed at the moment,was trying hard to sleep cos masih demam but couldnt of course...adik watched a barbie movie, minta air sirap and macam-macam lagi.The other half enjoyed his evening siesta, hmm...jealous jugak.So,went down to cook fish curry for dinner...fried mee maggie for adik (I know its not good for her),naik balik ke bilik, baru nak rest balik, adik nak mandi pulak, nak mandi dulu sebelum makan...lepas dia complaint pulak "adik tak sihat".I think she was telling the truth cos I caught my flu from the office and since adik mesti tidur berkepit, mesti dah berjangkit.So, ayah bawak dia turun pulak...ayah dah bangun untuk his asar prayer...nak bagi adik panadol.

Although I couldnt rest today, I am feeling much better than yesterday.Semalam,I was on public service duty at Central Market....letih jugak, infact I came much earlier than my staff and set the booth by myself.Although the respond was just moderate but it was quite an eye opener,seronok jugak tengok kerenah orang...macam-macam gaya ada kat CM.I dapat jugak bersembang dengan a person by the name of Pak Shuib...interesting personality.I need to be aware of what is happening around me.Ada jugak yang datang ke booth tu tanya about non-legal matters but it was okay, dapat lah jugak bercakap dengan pelbagai jenis orang.Throughout the whole day I was there, my head was pounding hard,my mouth was dry, asyik minum air aje...of course I was sniffling anhd eyes were watery, I gueesed I was not a pretty sight for the public. But I am proud of myself for not giving up...infact I didnt take a lunch break but gave my officers time off for lunch...hmm, they took their sweet time of course but brought back a loaf of sweet bread...(a big loaf), didnt feel much like eating, tapi makan jugak sikit cos takut masuk angin. Lepas tu, jumpa some I know, hmm my former student, he now a lecturer at Law Faculty...offered him some bread and assam, tanya about UiTM...gossip a was nice to go down the memory lane, even though for a short while..

Anyway, bila balik rumah, couldnt sleep, the head was pounding, mak was at home with me, so tak boleh lah terus tidur.Dinner lauk yang dipanaskan from lunch..ayah bought macam-macam lauk for lunch, penuh meja...I had only a mug of hot milo with 2 pieces of bread,cakap-cakap sikit with mum, lepas tu makan ubat and TIDUR.

This morning,as usual adik got up very early, she had the tv on, cartoons can be quite irritating in the wee hours of the morning....4 am to be precised.It was losing battle to continue bangun awal cos adik tengok kartun.