Monday, July 28, 2008

Adik, TH and tantrum

Had a conversation with Amal this mid morning about perangai anak-anak and our concern as mothers on macam-macam perkara concerning them especially bila anak nak meningkat remaja. Amal is tearing her hair over "teenage problems" with her first borne. Nak buat macam mana, a mother is not only the nurse, welffare officer, tukang masak, counsellor and teacher of a home as we wear different types of hats. It is expected of us.

But being children, we appeared to them as a big monster, breathing heavily unto them, ...trying to distrupt their "boring life". What they fail to understand that we dont want to be monsters as it is tiring to "fight" all the time.

On that note, yesterday,took out TH for lunch at 1 Utama.Lunch lambat sikit cos ada hal kat rumah (hubby fiddled with the computer....well, it was my fault...I was having some technical problems with the LT...but its nice to blame on someone...heheheh), anyway, I ordered claypot rice for TH (selepas tanya dulu), we both had the same claypot rice...different bowl, duh!...nampak macam TH tak beberapa suka cos she gave nearly all her chicken pieces to kakak. The nasi was basically just ayam kicap with cili potong.So, I tanya TH..." mak, kenapa bagi ayam banyak sangat kat Athira"...she answered." tak apa, ada banyak...", but sounded quite upset, so I said "kalau tak sedap, boleh tukar lain, mak nak makan apa?"...silence...silence...."tak apa....".

Adik, pulak makan maggie goreng...(minta tak pedas, just telur saja) ....tapi termakan portion yang ada seketul serbuk rempah maggie...adik pun tak nak makan, pedas...dah merajuk....So, I had dua orang merajuk with me..adik pulled a tantrum on the left and TH on the right feeling tak puas hati...aaargh....mujur kakak tak buat to think about it, she was kinda extra sweet to me...hmm, pandai play up to the occasion ye. But kids being kids, adik was okay bila dapat beli roti....macam-macam dia nak makan...hmm, same goes to TH, she was happily choosing bread and pastries with the cucus.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ok, Boss.....

It's been a week since my last posting, a lot has happened since then. I dah dapat soalan utk tugasan individu and public speaking.Tengok soalan rasanya taklah susah sangat tapi takut tak menepati sepenuhnya pulak.So I am going to attempt a general question, wish me luck cos I'm feeling very nervous about the whole thing....Anyway, this weekend, to be precise saturday, pi ke KLIUC bagi ceramah tentang Sistem Kehakiman to 500 students plus some teachers.This a workshop in preparation for the STPM examination. They had interesting questions for me during the Q & A session....yang buat nak tergelak pun ada....tapi I layan all question with the same importance.

Actually I dah buat my posting for today pagi ni, but alas...habis semua hilang..yang ada draf pun hanya one paragraph...macam dejavu has happened before...well, this time it was not Sofia's fault tapi my internet connection went kaput...haiya, sakit hati aje. So, ni, dah makan dinner...budak-budak ikut ayah pi kedai and Tok hajah (TH) terlentuk depan tv. They had nasi goreng cina and chilie crabs....tapi I had roti aje...rasa panas sikit so macam tak ada selera nak makan nasi, so while the kids are away boleh lah spend some time buat posting.

Next, I have to do some serious reading tonight, I have some articles on global warming yang kena baca, tapi tak baca-baca lagi. Its so difficult to do any work during the weekends, budak-budak selalu kacau aje....TH pulak kena bagi attention jugak...cos if I dont, then rasa guilty sangat-sangat, so, I dont know whether signing up for PTK exams was a smart move on my part. I dont think I am able to do any work or study at office jangan cakap lah, kerja tak pernah habis...ada saje, sometimes kerja yang tak ada connection with my unit pun I kena buat...HELP, HELP, I need HELP...the exams is just around the corner, belum lagi study apa-apa and assignment tak buat lagi, a draft pun belum ada...HELP!

My last resort is to rope in hubby to do some research for my PI paper...hopefully, hubby boleh lah tolong sikit. Nanti ada la ganjarannya...

Adik learned a new phrase..."OK, BOSS", I tak tau kat mana adik belajar perkataan tu, ataupun sapa yang ajar adik...adik, mama pun rasa kadang-kadang bibik tu macam boss...

It sounds cute coming from adik, but not too sure it will sound the same from me....

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sofia is three...

I wrote today's posting in the afternoon, after lunch..after thinking that the rest would settle down and mama can spend some time writing. To my aghast, after writing for about 4 paragraphs or more...Sofia, came to sit beside me asking to play the Kittykat game...when I said "mama tengah buat kerja.." she didnt believe me I guess, so Sofia tekan "esc"...everything just went "poof" by a split second....all mama's jottings was just a blank page....of course mama's voice naik sikit...and the poor girl curled on the sofa with the pillow on covering her face....lepas tu I dengar..."sorry mama..." She said this a couple of times...kesian jugak, she tertekan the then I couldnt continue with the tutup komputer, suruh Sofia naik atas....sebelum tu buat susu, pujuk dia tidur....if I am lucky, Sofia will have her afternoon nap....

So,after 2 hours later, she is asleep, ayah is asleep, tok hajah is asleep...kakak, well she is up to something....barulah I boleh....sambung.

Sofia turned three today. Yippe!!! Sofia had her birthday party yesterday, everyone was there except for Wa,Kak Chick, KDah and AJ. Wa was presented by her 2 daughters..Syu and Aye (?)..There rest of my sisters did an Elizabeth Taylor thing...yunno coming..fashionably(?) late...This is quite accepted since you cant force people to come on time...hehehe. But Wa's prescence was missed....the reluctant game planners...Syu and Syahirah....didnt abide Wa's instructions on the game I had to make do with some ridiclous inpromptu games...tapi yang seronoknye, semua dapat hadiah...menang or kalah and boleh pilih the children raya sakan with the hadiah...I was proud with myself for being generous with them...heheh.

Syu and Syahirah thinks I am sore with them, but alas, I wasnt, this was a stress free birthday party...although I was annoyed with them..(please note, the word "quite" is missing)....and Amal's hormones were every where.

Why, did I say it was a stress free BD, well for starters, the menu was planned" by taking into consideration of what the kids nak makan lepas tu baru fikir about the the menu was just "nuggets, coktail sausages,assorted iced cupcakes,bee hoon kicap, buah tembikai"...baru menu untuk adults..."sandwich sambal sardin and mee goreng". And yang pentingnye, tak ada wastage....

The only drama I had on this BD was when Bibik nak tukar baju adik in the afternoon, Bibik picked a white and pink flowered dress...which adik refused to wear cos, she choose the pink dress that still in the bedroom. (I showed her the new dress the nite before)..haiya, so kakak bawak turun baju, bibik pi iron...tapi Bibik pun , why la, tukar baju so awal....pukul 2 dah pakai baju BD, so mama had to pujuk Adik, not Bibik, to pakai baju biasa balik...takut kotor...she refused at first...but bila kata nanti baju Princess kotor, tak cantik..cepat-cepat dia tarik dari badan sampai stucked at the head. The key words were " baju princess!"

So, all went well, just mama sakit kaki, well tapak kaki to be precised...ya, I know it the weight thing...Kakak dapat dua hadiah that mama beli cos I know she would be jealous kalau only adik dapat hadiah....a DIY glittering jewellery box and lip gloss...for adik, mama gave a fairy dress kit...with the wings, wand, hair band...blah, blah...which was difficult to keep it away from her, cos beli 1 week from the party...with her at Toy r'us...susah betul tak nak bagi dia bukak present tu...she even mentioned this to Wa, when Wa came to take TH to hospital...cos Wa said about ...adik kata something about baju princess...Oh ya,lipgloss dengan princess tales DVD.

She showed Mak lang the baju fairy and siap berjalan dengan kasut tinggi (Callie gave a princess set) when mak lang came today to visit TH.Mak Lang suggested hantar adik belajar ballet...and she proceeded to demonstrate some ballet steps...not Sofia but mak lang....

So, now that she three, will the tantrums be that another story all together. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADIK SOFIA...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Seriously, kak

I have kak to blame for having this image of mak on the motorbike with hubby embedded in my head....kak posed this question to me via sms.."esok boleh tumpang mak ngan Zubir when he comes to sj.Ada extra helmet?", I replied.."kak u got 2 be kidding"...this was her response..."serious talk.Am scared of the junction to ur place.Any other entry?"....with that response,I called her up immediately, you cant sms on this sort of thing, I was really curious, is this for real....I said you cant be serious...she laughed and said something about making my day more liveir....ya, you nearly gave me a serious case of nervousness...and now I am left with image of mak clinging on to the back handle cos she would be too segan to hold on to the son in- law. And Hubby's bike is kinda of big...jenis yang tinggi,its a " men's bike to soothe the ego of a not too young - early forties man" .... so mak have to tongek sikit....what a sight and what an image...and I have kak to blame for this....So to kak, seriously, what were you thinking.Anyway, It was a good one kak..

In my last posting, I wrote about Amal screaming at the kids (for organising games for birthday party)...she called up to say, " so you think I macam mak tiri lah...." well, I stand corrected, what I meant to say is that she will be screaming at the kids cos they will be annoying her....or is that the other way round....heheheh.

On that point, smsed Syuhaida about asking her to put on the the party games planner's hat in replaced of her mum. She has to plan games for children below 10, the offer was non negotiable and I wished her good luck. Her response was " consultant fee is expensive and its non negotiable...hmm as a lawyer I would advise her to be very careful, lawyers are known be notorious in getting their ways....hehehehhe.

So, cant wait for's not so much of the party, its more of getting together for makan makan and maybe a bit of healthy dose of gossip...

p.s Amal is on cloud nine...Airrel (betul ke spelling) will be here,at Maju Junction on the 16th August....hmm must be grinning from ear to ear till then....another sick cow!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

ha.....adik tahu....

Adik is up to something....lately she has been saying....ha, adik tahu....with one little finger placed at the bottom of her lips....macam Austin Powers....terlupa, betul ke nama? Dengan muka cheekyne....maybe I should take a snap shot of her doing it...I rememmbered, Syahirah saying that little kids know the answers to the universe (sampai umur berapa?)So, do you think adik has the anwers?

Well, one thing for sure, she knows bila mama naik ke atas...mama is going to read her she also sibuk naik ke atas kacau mama, bila kita nak tengok cds, dia pun sibuk cari cd Barneylah, Princess, Barbie....bila mama buka computer, dia pun sibuk mengacau, nak main Barbie games la.....or bila mama and ayah ada kat atas dua orang aje....she pun akan ketuk pintu....hmm...adik tahu...

Anyway, Sofia's 3rd birthday is coming...planing to have a birthday party this weekend for her but alas Wa will not be around.So, how to have a party without the party's games planner....maybe I'll ask Amal or hubby to handle the games...Hmm, not a good plan, I can imagine Amal will be screaming at the kids......and hubby will have the rokok sticking out at his lips while "playing" with the kids...not healthy at all....for both parties.

Tak apa lah, yang pentingnye, the parents makan-makan with TH, and the kids bising kat luar....buat apa-apa je la.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tok Hajah is back.....

Tok Hajah is back......went to Kak's house to ambik Tok Hajah (TH) this were very excited to have her with us. Syu was asleep, so TH woke her up from her beauty sleep. Kak dah pi ke Penang for some official matter.Anyway, we had lunch at Syed, TH makan nasi beriani dengan the kids, hubby and me, makan nasi putih....trying hard to restrain ourselves from heavy stuffs....tapi makan jugak ayam goreng, daging masak hitam mamak....blah, blah.Kakak tak larat makan kononnya.....adik makan sikit aje...lepas tu, adik makan ais kacang.TH dah tak larat nak makan lagi, so we bungkus ABC for her....Harga ABC dah naik, satu cost RM4.

Kakak pulled an ugly tantrum, she insisted on buying a Hannah Montana mag.....its was quite costly....lagi pun she doesnt know how to jaga her I refused, so all the way back from Kelana Jaya to home asyik menangis. Bukannya tak bagi dia baca mags...infact I memang encourage her to read by buying Enid Blyton books, High School Musical books and other stuffs tapi she has this habit of baca sekejap aje.Lepas tu, buku tu dicampak merata-rata. So adik and TH kesian kat kakak....mama and ayah pun membebel dalam kereta, well it was like, mama yang membebel... hubby and me were sticking to our principles.....tough love is pretty hard.

TH kata tak apa nanti boleh beli.....hmm, they can get their way with TH....maybe grandparents are made that way by God....they are the good and loving angels and the parents are the evil monsters....heheheh.

Anyway, Sofia pandai ambik hati TH, asyik kata "sayang tok".......dulu, sofia panggil TH....achik...which kinda of cute bila dengar....TH dah jadi muda pulak. Hope TH is staying lama sikit this time, the kids adore her....hubby suka mak is around, cos' I tak kacau dia, he can read the papers in for me, I just need to have my mak ....

Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Abang Jit

Happy Birthday Abang Jit.....Its paman's 44th Birthday today. The old dog is getting older...(huh, duh?). Amal called me up, precisely 11 days ago, tanya whether it was abang jit's birthday on the 1st July....We are both very confused sisters.....anyway, later in the week...I think it was last Sunday, I reminded her, abg jit's birthday is on the 11th July. So, semalam I dah fikir nak hantar birthday wish early in the morning. Kak Zah hantar " soft reminder" abt AJ's bday this morning, I think it was about 5.30am, mujur dah bangun. Amal, what's with this soft reminder....must wish softly huh....just kidding. Anyway, called up beloved bro about 4 times this morning, tak bila dah sampai ke office, he returned my usual I sang Happy Birthday to him and wished him....tanya kenapa tak jawab talifon , I just want to wish you, he said "tengah tidur...hari ni bangun lewat sikit."..said "tak kerja ke"....replied "hari ni jumaat" ...."oh, ya, jumaat cuti" tidur lambat lah, he chuckled...I knew this conversation was getting somewhere else..."so got your present last nite lah"....."ya" more chuckles.........sick cow....too much for little sister to handle.

Anyway AJ, have a wonderful birthday .....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Romance, men and chocolates.......

I am a real sucker for romance. I love romantic comedies.....I adore love novels...I would read the same book for a few the same movie (cds/dvds) again and again. Hubby is not too keen about watching anything romantic....he is into action or comedy movies. Masa tengah berdating tu, he indulged in my 'hobby'. I think just to keep me happy. Masa mengandung kakak, I watched Kuch Kuch Kota Hai 4 times. The first time, tak ada subtitles tapi faham jugak, lepas tu my dear staff beli yang ada subtitles English and BM.....bawled my eyes....because dah faham got so bad....hubby warned me not to be so emotional as this will upset the baby....It must have been quite a sight for him, to see the wife baring mengiring dengan perut yang besar.....duk sosek, sosek tengok Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol dengan mata dah sembam.

On the same topic, this month, managed to watch three new movies ( to me they are new)...27 Dresses, Made of Honour and Definitely, MAYBE. Seperti biasa, air mata menitik.....sosek sosek sorang-sorang atas katil. Kids dah tidur and hubby kat bawah baca paper. Melayan perasaan sorang-sorang. I actually enjoy this ME TIME.....I feel that this is an escapism from all the stressful stuffs at work....the kids are fine when they are playing on their own or keeping quiet....but mama needs her sanity...Hubby gets romantic on his own terms and sometimes at the most unappropriate places and time...hmmm....shall not indulge any info on that.

But then I am not complaining, romance to me is having someone to cook for you when you are not well, urut belakang when you feel so bloated....accepting all my weakness and appreciates me with the occasional compliments. Hubby gave me a birthday card with the words..."I know I am not a prefect husband....", well, I am not a prefect wife...infact I dont want a perfect hubby. But how I desperately wish hubby will stop smoking.....wishful wish eh?

This brings me back to romantic movies.....Its lovely to lose yourselves for 2 hours in a make believe world full of sugary sweet dialogues.....but give me the real thing....the extra kaki to keep my feet warm, the occasional pinch in the bumbs and hugs....Anyway, today masa I tengok Made for Honour.....I couldnt help but make comparison of Patrick Dempsey's character in the movie and of Dr.McDreamy......Haiya, why, why men are so stupid....they dont know what they want, I thought they think with their heads and not their hearts.....but in some cases, I think they dont think with either one ....heeheh... As usual, the hero doesnt know what is missing until he nearly losses it all.....same goes with this McDreamy and Lexie's off and on affair...kadang kadang buat sakit hati aje. Sabar ajela. Baik makan chocolate.....I will feel much more happier!

Another one....

Another wedding on the way.....Last sunday, the whole family was invited to Kak Zai's house. Brought along my Y chromosome and kids. Amal called up to ask whether hubby was coming, then Kak Chick called to ask about the same seems Abang Chick needs some masculine companion. Kalau tak ada he doesnt want come for the gathering. Was expecting abang to be around....tapi tak ada. He is still in Mymmar.

So bila sampai aje, Kak Zai ajak makan makan. The spread ada bee hoon goreng, pulut udang, roti jala, gulai ayam and one of my favourite dessert...bread pudding. Oh ya before makan makan, distributed sofia's birthday invitation. Bila dah makan, barulah Kak Zai bukak mulut....Zalina, the eldest nak bertunang.

The conversation started on barang hantaran yang nak di beri and flowed to other things. The funny thing about this family is that we can talk n talk n talk.....from the latest gossip, the present political scenario....and blah, blah...I have the tendency of drifting from one topic to another without realising....oh wait, I do realise but what the heck...hehehhe.

The engagement will be on 24th August. We covered on what to do, colour scheme, flower arrangements....the whole works. I nak bagi chocolates... its the safest item cos boleh beli awal and tak payah risau sangat. The only thing to fikir is whether the bekas should be kayu, gelas or rotan. Well, there's more than a month to go....hmmm maybe next engagement planning will be for Syuhaida. Heard she is chummy with an italian guy. Cioa....

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mama supir Bibik

After my first attempt of blogging yesterday,I realised that there was an error about the date and called up my consultant....duh!I didnt realised that I was suppose to change the time zone.....double duh! Anyway, before that, I struggle once again nak cari my was not listed....I thought boleh buka from my email...duh again.I am definitely still buta IT.

Anyway, yesterday was the usual family affair.Weekends selalu keluar makan-makan. Kali ni makan makan at Block Q, Jalan Ipoh. My initial plan was to go to Abang Pan's kenduri, tapi tak boleh since I dah buat appointment dengan Kak Mah Urut.The urut session starts at 3pm....tahulah traffic situation kat KL ni, kalau from Shah Alam to Ampang then to Batu Caves....mesti gila punye. Anyway, lunch was lovely...makan ikan bakar. Kakak had daging goreng kicap with lala goreng lada, hubby makan ikan bakar semilang,dalca daging....usually hubby makan banyak ulam, tapi semalam tak ambik ulam.I had ikan cencaru sumbat with begedil and shared my ulam pegaga with hubby. So lepas makan makan, pi ke Tesco extra...cari goodies for Sofia's birthday.

Then it was off to Kak Mah Urut, the urut session was sakit as usual...she said'urat keras sangat....'. Tried to silang my ankles....was told keep still....hello, pain la. Anyway, masa awal awal dah cakap nak urut for 1 hour aje instead of the usual 2 hours....tapi it went on for one and half hours... Body was aching like mad, the perut was so tender....tapi the body felt a bit lighter. Engkau dah kurus sikit ye....kak mah hubby gelak bila I shared this with him.As always,he is my No.1 Motivator (?!)

Lupa nak cakap, hubby took the girls to Giant Batu Caves while waiting for me....they pau their ayah as usual.Chips la, gula gula and ice cream.I think they got this pau thing from hubby cos mama selalu kena pau dengan ayah....heheheh pau manja aje.....

Had nasi lemak this morning for breakfast, percaya tak I couldnt really sleep...asyik pikir abt nasi lemak.Bukan sedap sangat, tapi lapar punya hal, terbawa bawa dalam mimpi.Dinner was just squiggles for me and kakak. Hubby makan kek pisang. Both rasa macam nak lucky hubby tak nak makan nasi. Kesian kakak,she asked kita makan apa untuk dinner....surprise...surprise...makan roti aje kakak. I think she needs to lose some weight anyway.

So, pagi pagi tak tadi, well, not so pagi la, about 8 am, pi beli nasi lemak with Bibik. Bibik tengah cuci kereta....ajak dia ikut sekali, the girls was upstairs with ayah...yang masih tidur. Saja tak nak bawa the girls...nak pi beli papers and nasi lemak aje. Guess what, bibik duduk kat belakang...sorang sorang...suruh duduk kat depan, she refused....hmmm, now I am the supir to Bibik... dia pulak jadi Maam.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Phew, at last...

Due to my buta IT, I have been bugging a lot of people....hubby, sister and practical students....sorry Farah and Fida ....on how to start a blog. So my dearest lil' sister, Amal created one for me. 'Consultation' was done on the phone.... and phew! it was difficult to cari the right name, password....blah...blah, since semua benda yang ada connection with me, was already taken.So tak bolehlah mama bear, cup cakes and even Cippa....a name coined by my dearest Kak Dah which I am stucked with. Being the second youngest from a family of nine, I am supposed to be called 'chik' or makcik but somehow tertukar to Cippa....but I'm not complaining....its much better than Chipmunk.

Anyway, woke up this morning feeling teruja- yup learned a new word, nak buka my new blog. Hubby was kind enough to ambil his laptop.....cuba buka tapi tak boleh. Had to call my consultant, she went through the whole stuff of...'open that....type this' bla blah blah.....and reminder me...the consultation fee dah bertambah.

While tengah dok menulis ni, the kids pun sibuk nak main princess- barbie, so kena pasang the other laptop....the youngest practically screaming into my left ear...adik nak barbie princess mama, adik nak barbie princess mama.....on and on.....hubby kacau me by trying to guna belking on this laptop....haiya...tak boleh and nearly terpadam what I have written earlier. He had the cheek to say, 'now I know where the eldest got her wailing from .....'. Yeah, blame the mother...the father has more flaws and flauts than the mother......hehheheh!

I dont know how long I would be able to blog to today...Sofia is already saying ' dah la mama' and disturbing kakak since kakak is playing games on her own. Kakak has territorial issues....she doesnt like to share..... So adik asyik kata...mama gatal, ayah nak tukar pampers.....oops...bukan mama gatal....tapi adik gatal la.....Hmm have to extra careful, nanti tersilap type pulak.

So, enough for now.....before hubby tak larat layan the kids.....before kakak berlawan with adik and before Bibik tarik bibik, that another chapter of stories to tell....

Testing 123, testing 123