Monday, October 24, 2011

Ohhh...its so coooooold

Dear BB,

The weather is rather gloomy in P, the air cond is super duper hands are freezing..but yours truly managed to be quite productive today. Good for me eh?!

Love always,


Saturday, October 22, 2011

What am I?

Dear BB,

Help me, am pondering on a question, am I a pessimist or a realist? Do I walk under a cloud of grey skies thinking the worst of everything or its just a way of protecting myself from hurt. Well BB? What do you think?

Yours trurly.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Going bananas

Dear BB,

Received an email from my sister today, tips on losing weight by eating bananas!!! Hehehe..hope she is not making a monkey out of me...hehehe.

Ciao :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Here I go again, my steps to losing weight seems always to be a losing battle. After tolerating hunger pangs the whole day yesterday, I managed to compensate yesterday's meal and probarly today's meal too by having a mug of milo with nasi lemak rendang kerang, popiah basah and karipap, all for breakfast.

Signing off, till then.

Me :)

Friday, October 14, 2011


I need to lose some weight. So whats new? Nothing BB, the problem is how? Please help me!



Thursday, October 13, 2011

Something familiar


Remember this morning I told you about my lack of friends at the office. Well, guess what?! my dear old friend from the good old times in Jalan Raja called me up this evening, I was already at home after my appointment at the, the timing was just perfect. We managed to catch up. I remembered it was a routine for me to visit her chambers in the morning for our daily dose of cerita cerita. We had a few close friends who were on the same common interest and understanding. Ah, how I missed all of them.

So, BB it was super good to hear a friendly and familiar voice. Till then. Ciao.

Dear BB

Dear BB,

It strucked me this morning, as usual, my head was thinking in its active mode..memikir masalah dunia yang tak habis-habis. It strucked me that I dont have a friend to confide my problems and share my thoughts. I dont have a friend to chit chat in the morning  over a cup of milo. I dont have a friend that I can call in time of need. I dont have a friend to talk to about my kids.

The cold hard truth, am quite a loner , not by choice actually, the circumstances and the surroundings of my present position does not allow me to be sociable.The management team is filled with men who are comfortable within themselves.  I have only one friend at work which I see at the weekly management meetings and the odd gathering. Rarely do we get to really speak, as most the talk would be focused on our work. This has been going on since May 2009.

The routine that I have for the past 2 years plus is breakfast and lunch in my room except for the occasional lunch on fridays with my lil sister that I look forward to. Packed lunch (courtesy of my PA) mengadap the computer sambil tengok fb or my mails.

My last posting was a bit bearable, I had my wonderful officers that I could chit chat with during our breaks at the court. I dont know whether it was uncomfortable for them, but I enjoyed our little talks. To Fiona and Aida I missed your updates on the latest gossip.

One thing about me that not healthy is that I tend to be quite obsessive over matters that takes my fancy. So life was repeated affairs of A and RM. Thank goodness, I have pushed it way back in my mind because it was consuming too much of my time and quite unhealthy. 

So BB, see you soon.