Monday, September 5, 2011


Back to work after a long festive hols. Expecting everything to be back as usual. What's normal?  A lot of takers and a few givers. Thus, am going to put a bright smile to make it more bearable. There's a saying " a warm smile unlocks many doors". Welcome.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The gift of love

In the name of GOD , most Gracious, most Compassionate. Alhamdulillah for bestowing us Love.

To be in love and to be loved is a blessing from Allah the ALMIGHTY. To feel the warmth of love, the heartache of love, the joys, the pains, the excitement and the sorrows are the highs and lows of love.

Love comes in may forms and facets, love of a parents for their children, love of siblings for each other, love between a man and a woman, the love everything that surrounds us and the most beautiful love is the love for the CREATOR.

I have been watching a particular love story on and on for the past month. To be exact I have watched it 8 times.Its quite ridiculous as I cried again and again.Its addictive. I am obsessed by it.

I am blessed with feeling deeply for things that affects me. I love too deeply and hurt easily.I have been chided by friends for being quite ridiculous and obsessed with things, people and situations that has  impact on me. For this I do not offer any apologies. This is me, accept me for my short comings, warts and beauty.

With this in mind, I have fallen in love with a simple story of coming of age movie, about a girl finding and falling in love, about a parent's love, about making sacrifices, about giving, about forgiving, about making efforts , about letting go, its about Love.The sweetness of seeing a young girl falling in love, brought me memories of my own love. There is no words to describe the heady feeling of experiencing love for the very first time. The desire to be together all the time and the dreams that you plan together.

The Last Song  may not be the greatest love story, it may not also be the greatest movie that I have seen, but it touches my heart over and over again.The scenes are played and replayed on the screen and in my mind. And without fail, I will weep. It was sweet to me and that what matters.

What strucked me most is that we all make sacrifices, we all get hurt and wounded, but we clean and patched the wounds, we go on living. And that's what makes us closer to God, as we weep silently in our prayers, asking for forgiveness, asking for guidance, asking for protection, asking for mercy and asking for  strength from the Most Compassionate.

We all have been tested and  will continue to be tested.

So, if I cry and weep a bit, its not because I am being emotional but am grateful of having blessed with the feelings of love. For that I am most grateful. Amin.