Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shop till you drop..

Malaysian love to shop...why I say this, cos shopping complexes are filled to the brim with shoppers during this ramadhan month. Just last friday, I went to SOGO during my long friday break, Ya Allah, ramainye orang, sampai nak lemas.I saw some men, tersandar kat dinding and duduk dekat escalators, squashed with some kids, yang dah tak larat shopping, their mums and wives were still going strong...hands were still deep in the bargain lots.I was a bit distracted and sedih, tengok satu mamat ni, carrying a small baby...rasa-rasanye, masih dalam pantang. There was no sight of the mother. Kesiannye, rasa macam nak tolong dia aje...tapi nanti orang kata kepochi pulak.

I went with a mission to get some pants for my nephews and niece. So, I tak lah distracted dengan godaan lain. Walaupun,begitu, I treated myself to a pair of slippers...okaylah tu, tak lah balik ke office terhoyong hayang with plastic bags...nanti apa pulak kata staff. Anyway yesterday, lepas pi Immigration Dept to make I-kad for bibik with hubby, kids and of course bibik...hubby went to work lepas selesai buat kad...I left the kids at home with bibik and went out to do some last minute chores....tukar duit raya, bayar bil telefon, beli some undergarments and blouses.Adik nak pi rumah Wa, she thinks Wa is keeping or hidding TH...heheheh.Tapi bila dah balik ke rumah at 3 something...rasa penat nak keluar pulak.So, I smsed kak, kata tak jadi datang. Kesian adik,tak jadi hantar dia ke rumah Wa although Wa was very obliging on having them...

Ramai jugak orang buat last minute shopping...we did our raya shopping during the Mega Sale...saja, nak beat the crowd...tapi, seronok juga shop during the festive season....ada banyak choices. Shopping during this season,yang tak bestnye ramai orang and the queque nak membayar panjaaaaang.

Yang takut tengok, ladies shopping without any self control,I was amazed with the amount of energy that they had...tangan kiri kanan penuh dengan plastic bags...they shopped like there no tommorrow. As, for me,sadly I have to shop within a budget... kalau tak habis 'vitamin m' before the end the month. Sofia, is quite a shopaholic for a three year old, sikit-sikit cakap, jom mama pergi shopping, kalau membeli baju, siap posing lagikat cermin kedai.Hmmm, she shops macam mama and ayah dia cop duit...hehehehe.

My kids seems to think that weekends are suppose to be filled with shopping and makan-makan. The choice of food that they want to eat is sometimes quite depressing to the parents....asyik-asyik McD atau KFC. Dah rasa kembang tekak asyik makan McD.....tapi parents terpaksalah terima aje. I hope to teach them to be more adventures in their choices of food....till the next weekend's dose of shopping...ciao.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No Mills and Boons please...

Without realizing it, a week has passed by so quickly....I am still adapting to the new working environment....I have about a staff of 28 people under my care....on my first day, they were very reluctant to share any negative info about the people or the office....however the pandora box was opened on the second day...to my own amazement, I was quite calm although dark skies were above my head...well, no use crying over spilt milk.....just have to breathe hard, pull my guts in and go with the flow.I cant devulge any info on it, it would be unprofessional to do so.

Anyway,today I had some matters kat kl courts...it was lovely to see some familiar faces...tapi banyak jugak muka baru yang tak kenal.....I dapat jumpa staff lama, Raju...he still is the same....charming as ever....met some bailiffs....tak sangka they can still recognise me...hmm, maybe I have not aged much...heeheh...
Bila dah settled kerja, I buat courtesy calls on TP and PKP....saje nak kenal-kenal...it was just plain common sense untuk berkenalan with fellow officers....

Raya is just around the corner, we will be going back to Alor Setar for raya, kak kata the first omarian to arrive will receive a surprise from AJ...hmm, I hope its not penyapu, mop and bucket untuk cuci rumah.I am looking forward to see mak and tengok-tengok buku pak...rasa sayang buku pak kalau tak dijaga.Pak was always obliging in spending hard earned ringgit on books....I think I have acquire that passion for books from pak.I am willing to spend money on any form reading materials...am trying my best to cultivate good reading habits in Athira tapi I noticed, dia suka membeli tapi tak habis baca...sayang betul...tapi I tau she finished the book that Wa bought for her...katanya it was nice, she likes the characther name Ibrahim, adik kepada Ana.Katanya ceritanya kelakar.

Dulu kecik-kecik, mula baca buku Enid Blyton, by 12 years old, dah baca Mills and Boons...hmm, lets hope Athira will not start reading romance books at such tender age...I am putting some of the blame of reading romance books at such a young age on my sisters....I ikut aje.....terikut -ikut baca, bila dah mula baca, it was difficult to put the books down but now, I strongly feel little girls should be young girls as long as mother nature allows it....hmm, I cant believe I sound so ibu-ibu....well, age is definitely catching up...heheheheh.

Maybe, if I am lucky, my old collection of Enid Blytons books at Alor Setar ada lagi..

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mama, sabar ye.....

Kakak is at home today,not feeling well...she has the signs of getting her asthma again.She has been fasting diligently for the past 8 days, so kesian jugak, suruh dia jangan berpuasa today or until she gets better.My reasoning to her was, its better to miss a few days, get well fast and continue fasting than to fast and makes her condition worst.

I have noticed that now she is less degil since I kurang marah and taken the more civilised and PC approach of bercakap lembut-lembut dengan kakak.I realised that being the adult, I have to be more reasonable in my approach...and not to be too tough on her.Maybe my expectation of her is too high, she is after all a litte girl.

Talking about little girl, I think Sofia is a small kid with an old soul...things that are coming out from her mouth are on the border of being funny and ridiclous. Now, her favourite words are " sabar, sabar ye...", a typical "kakak yang buat" to the gaya MP melawat kawasan with the words "kakak ni sepah, eee...mama, kakak yang sepah...tengok tu (little fingers pointing to all directions and rolling her eyes) ...tisu sepah, buku sepah, color sepah....".

Nak tergelak pun ada, tapi I cuba buat-buat macam geram jugak...memang geram pun, cos kakak selalu sepahkan the master bedroom....this irritating habit of hers really piss me off. Lets hope, today bila balik nanti, tak lah bersepah.

Selain, menjadi a dedicated Ketua Pelapor, adik is also into sexy moves now. I cringed with embrassement..bila tengok dia menari ala-ala MTV. I guess, bibik is secrectly switching to MTV from cartoons...that's the explanation, I hope.

On that note, I told Sofia in the car last weekend that "kecik-kecik tak apa, besar nanti tak boleh macam tu"....hmm, I dont know whether the point was driven to her.

Last weekend, pi KL, beli kain untuk kenduri kahwin Siti Aisyah....the place was crowded like a ranch filled with herds of cows....susah nak bergerak.I was quite surprise that the ayah agreed to go to KL ....macam tak percaya pulak especially since it was slightly to noon...

Anyway, beli jugak kain nak buat baju, tapi bila nak buat tu tak tau la.Lets hope lepas raya nanti ada masa nak buat baju. Talking about time, susah nak manage time with unreasonable people....I wont say siapa yang unreasonable tu.

Next week, there will a whole new environment to look forward to....I kena tukar tempat kerja....lets hope it will be something positive.....anyway, I am taking this as rezeki Ramadhan....barakah....but the timing is surely lousy...tak sempat nak ajak my staff makan-makan since its fasting month....ada yang tanya,samada I asked to be transfered....HELLO?....no such thing...I DO NOT have any connections.. but I know "someone" yang ada connection...who has played the right cards....hmm..you need not know who...I believe that if you do something nasty to others, it will come back to haunt you...so beware la my "friend".....satu lagi, banyak kerja yang nak kena habis...as I have mentioned in my last posting, I have to work this weekend, so, I am totally bogged down, and they gave me only 1 week notice....itu pun, masih belum tengok the official letter, dapat a fax copy aje....only the part about my transfer aje...anyway...life has to go on...I am certain there is rahmat....although ada mixed feelings cos the responsibilities waiting....are tremendous...tapi bila lagi nak take the challenge....so, it will be a whole new game...wish me luck!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lets have lemonade

I slogged myself through the weekend (except saturday morning till noon) cos kena finish the assignment untuk PTK, sleeping was just a dream cos I barely tidur...I practically zombied myself through the day, the night....and managed to grab a few hours of sleep in the morning.Monday was the worst....had only 2 hours of sleep,lepas to drove my self to work. I think the car drove me to work. Some concerned fellow mates, kata I nampak pucat and stress. DUH! Went through a nightmare meeting from morning till lunch, things were not going my way....some unwanted remarks were made (to me lah!), ingatkan boleh tidur during lunch but alas had a couple of friends giving me surprise visits...semua nak hantar assignment.Had to entertain a few calls pulak.....argh, tak boleh tidur lagi.So, bila balik ke rumah,after 2 hours plus driving through traffic jam and rain, after berbuka and prayer....I pun terlena dari pukul 9 lebih sampai the next morning.....ah, lega rasanye.Sebenarnya, It was not just my body yang letih, tapi my eyes were kinda of pedih also, maybe cos duk mengadap komputer aje......

My kids had taken a back seat during the weekends, kesian only ayah yang layan them...kakak asyik tanya bila mama habis kerje, so boleh jalan-jalan...adik pulak, asyik giving me the mata sedih look....tak apalah, minggu ni boleh jalan-jalan.

So, it back to routine at work....masih lagi banyak kerja yang nak dibuat....the nightmare is not over at work....sobs!sobs!sobs!...there is an important event to look forward to next week (not by choice)....lepas tu kena kerja pulak on Sunday...sobs!sobs!Agh! Help......I feel like I am trapped in a vicious cyle that doesnt want to stop......

DL masih lagi the main character in my nightmare.....argh!Lets hope,the storyline gets better by the day...wishful thinking....eh?

Oh, well, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonades.....So, cheers to lemonade...