Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What's cooking?

As usual Mondays are usually full of craziness. I call it mad monday. However Tuesdays can be the same too...today, I spend nearly 20 minutes plus dalam kereta mencari pass office. Puas menyelongkar beg yang tak besar mana tapi banyak compartment (biasa la tu, kalau boleh satu rumah nak bawak sekali),sambil mencari, otak duk berjalan, shit (oops)...have to take a visitor pass...and I have only 15 minutes to spare...kena pergi ke ground floor dulu...called home nak tanya tertinggal kat rumah ke, hubby dah pi kerja, si kakak tidur..adik yang menjawab telefon...tak boleh nak suruh adik cari pass.Adik kata mama cakap dengan adik ye...hmm, mama tak ada mood adik.

The best part, bila nak masuk lift, baru sedar, pass tergantung kat rantai leher.Haiya..macam boleh macam tu, bila masa I gantung pass kat rantai...well, its just one of those days.

Am looking forward to Thursday,cuti dah approved...am just hoping tak ada something urgent yang akan mengganggu my plans for holiday...tadi, En. R bagi hints nak buat meeting soon regarding one important matter....alahai, jangan lah jadi.Katanye, boss #2, minta buat taklimat about 'exit plans'...ada legal issues..and nak brief big boss..why...why..why me.

On a brighter note, sekarang ni I boleh keep in touch with Azu dengan baca her postings about her twins. The two kenits cute sangat...macam strawberry short cake (the cartoon character la, not the cake). Her blog is full of jottings about her kids and pictures of them...lepas tu macam macam jenis lauk yang Azu masak...rajin jugak Azu ni masak...I tengah tunggu an invitation from her for makan-makan...hehehe.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The bad and the good

Penat hari ni, kursus from morning till 5pm, lepas tu, back to office for a meeting at 5.30pm. Meeting was abruptly cut short bila lampu padam..takut pun ada juga, tapi dalam hati, alhamdulillah, boleh balik cepat...hehhe.Drove home like a mad driver, actually I was trying hard not to pee...heheh.Balik rumah, mak dah ada kat rumah.

Sofia was her usual cheerful self, greeted me at dipintu kereta. Hubby dah balik, surprise, surprise...selalunya dia lambat.Anyway, the good news is Sofia dapat no 3 dalam class.Must get her something for being a good girl..or maybe I should get something from hubby for being a good wife...heheh.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's embarrassing....

Am still not over Nur Kasih.Today's craziness was the revisit of episode 13. Hmm, its seems I missed a scene..tak ada dalam Amal's d/l ...the one Adam was in the cab with Nur, Nur pegang tangan Adam, while Adam was looking outside, tak tengok muka Nur and with all the worries etched on his face..Adam genggam tangan Nur...and tears was rolling down his cheek..alahai...ok, ok, I know this does not make sense...ok back to reality. Well, almost.... right after watching Nur Kasih I called up hubby, my conversation with hubby went like this "tadi tengok Nur Kasih lagi..." Hubby "amboi kat office pun tengok", I jawab "saja, online..tv3..only waktu rehat...bukan masa buat kerja..."."at my office,benda macam ni dah blocked.." he said.
Time to change the topic so I said "awat you sound mengah, your breathing is quite bad...and coughing pulak tu...tu la, Adam I tak hisap rokok". Hubby replied " Adam you architect...tak sama..legal lain (he meant it in the context of work stress)".So I replied "ya la tu, I pun legal jugak". And he gelak besaq.So much for reality eh....need to shake off this obsession.Its getting embarrassing....

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Hmm, akibat penangan Nur Kasih, I am hooked, terribly hooked and addicted to the drama.Hai asyik dok terbayang-bayang si Adam tu. I liked the flawed character and eventually dah berubah sangat-sangat.My heart melted, seriously melted bila tengok Adam dah berubah, especially the scenes kat Mekah, Adam nampak so tenang but at the same time asking Nur to terima him seadanya, rasa macam boleh feel his pain....,scenes of Adam trying hard to woo back Nur...alahai, my heart was breaking and aching for him.Now that I have caught up on all the episodes while on a three days marathon sessions (I tak ikut dari awal, only tertengok episode 15, lepas tu tengok semua episodes yang my sis bagi)....am watching again some of the episodes and analyzing every scenes....how Adam bercakap dengan Nur, how he was twisting his ring while trying hard not to hurt Nur's feelings, how he lightly touched her, his intonation while talking to Nur, macam caressing his words, gaya mata Adam tengok Nur...alahai .... hmm, terrible eh!

Remember, the famous line " You got me at hello!". Well, in my case its "Assalamualaikum".

On a personal note, I got all goey, bila hubby hari tu bagi salam bila masuk bilik.Hmm, I was like falling in love all over again..hmm, a bit too much eh. Hehehhe.Seriously, I could not help smiling...it was a like mula-mula bercinta pulak.Naughty me eh!
Hubby, being hubby, patiently torelating perangai wifenya.He is VERY AWARE that wifenye tengah ada episodes of gila Adam.Hmm, tak apa lah, he knows it's harmless..on another note, I think he is quite enjoying the attention that I am giving him, he is playing his card right...hehehe. Assalamualaikum.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More than I realised...

I have a weakness. I write with my heart and not with my mind.My thoughts are entwined with my feelings.And sometimes my feelings suffocates me. And I tend to super analyse things....I wish that I can be carefree in the manner I think or feel.And there are times, you want to please people...people that matters and don't.But sometimes pleasing everyone leaves you exhausted. You want to be thoughtful, but deep down you also want to be understood by others.Today, I received a sweet and thoughtful sms from my niece Aisyah..just when you think you are in the pits, and still do at times, well most of the time...there is someone to pick you up for the day.To Kak Mah, thanks for the words of encouragement.

Last weekend I had a few good minutes of sobbing...I needed the tears more than realised. Hubby was there to comfort me.Small things matters to me and sometimes I get too emotional over nothing.Nevertheless, one can never deny the outburst of emotions.

Work wise,am praying hard for some improvement..but as someone said to me...there is a reason for you to be there, at this particular time...I guess I have to be patient to see this period through.

For the last three nights, I have been watching Nur Kasih. I was on a marathon session from the first episode till the current one...well,I might be feeling sleepy and tired but that is out weight with the pleasure that I received. I needed the escapism, more than I realised.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Humble pie

The 3rd of November came and left.My doctors are convinced that I am stressed and suffering stress related sickness. Well lets have this settled, no big prize for guessing that I AM INDEED STRESS. So,thank you, Dr. Hafiz for your kinds words and advice.And, NO, Dr. Hafiz, it wont go away...the stress factor. Its every where.
To Dr. Hew, ya, I know my diet sucks...REALLY SUCKS.I am NOT eager to know the result of my lipid test...I already know,in fact I can feel it...on a note of my diet, I have been eating a lot of humble pies lately.I wish I can share with my family of what I am going through, work wise ...but, I cant reveal anything except to hubby.The burden lies heavily on me to see that this tsunami period of my career goes through without causing much pain.I have to jaga kepentingan semua...results are expected from me.There are people who are depending on me...I have to be fair to them..I will try my best. I promise that. Insyaallah. I am praying hard to Allah swt to protect and guide me through this tough times...Insyallah it will make me a better muslim and a better officer.Insya Allah.Lets hope there will be rainbows after the rain. Amin.