Monday, May 31, 2010

What should I do?

As usual, there are phases in life that one goes through..most of the time you will end up feeling hurt, disappointed, hurt and SICK. The irony is that it will not stop you..but instead you will get up, again and again and again till pure exhaustion hits you. Then you will hit hard.. kneeling on your knees, cupped hands in the air, praying hard to Allah for mercy, for guidance..

You will feel a sense of loss..a sense of disappointment...what have you done wrong..what road do you you follow your instincts..why does things can be so I need to become the better privacy is violated...I feel so alone helpless..

I cant seem to be doing the right seems everything at this moment is moving in a slow motion..unnecessary words are said then regretted..sorry doesn't change anything...

Thank goodness hubby understands...but is this fair on me? On him?..all I am asking is for someone to listen..listen hard...and for some directions.... what should I do?


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hmm....I tak nak jawab...

Since I am on mc till Monday, I had a lot time on my hands, I watched Asmaradana episode 1 till 14 and continued till episode 24 this afternoon.I was also busy interacting on the FB, I was in a very good mood since Remy accepted me as his friend on FB. Woo Hoo, this when on till (the mood)evening...maybe I was pumped up with too much steroids..the medications must have got the better of me..or what ever...What I want to relate is the telenovela episode with hubby.

Imagine this..the scene was set in the late evening, hubby just got back from work. He looked tired and stressed he sat on his favourite chair at the door..looking so drained..I stroked his face..and said "you looked so stressed, office okay ke? What happened at office?"..he replied "ok..biasalah" I continued stroking his face and said this "abang, when you look at me, what do you see?"..he replied.."I see you".

Then I said " well, when I looked at you, I see the man I love". He didn't expect that response from me..he was quite taken aback..if only I could describe his looks..macam terkejut but yet pleased. Tu lah, kalau ni telenovela..there would the lagu iringan at the background..yunoo the soft sentimental song..ala-ala Nur Kasih.The next scene would be this, the hero would lovingly ambik tangan heroin and bring it to his lips....then the scene be continued in the next episode. Hehehe...apalah hubby ni tak boleh jadi romantic sikit...he just looked at me...Mesti hubby ingat..what's up with the wife ..Wife buat macam ni, dah suspense..I chuckled and had a good laugh later. Tu lah Hubby...tak ada ala-ala Adam Hassan langsung.Macam mana wife tak angau tengok Adam Hassan, Asp Kamal, Mat Bunga....hmm..siapa nak jawab ni.