Friday, July 31, 2009

Hello !!!!!!!!

I missed you terribly...I wished we could have more contacts.How do I begin to tell you that you I felt a sense of "incomplete", rasa serba tak kena...macam si pungguk merindukan that a bit over the top.Hahaha....its not hubby that I am missing,its my postings on my blog. The last posting was on the 21 June,now that has been ages...more than a month.Had problems with internet connection or to be precised lack of it.

A lot has happened in my life since then, first it was the superb concert with Anuar Zain.Amal and I had our ladies nite, we left behind our stress and problems for 2 hours. We shooked our heads, sang along, cheered, laughed and screamed at and with Anuar.I had so much fun. Amal was really in her element...hmm, maybe a bit too much...she took "Anuar back"...hmm, takut jugak tapi seronok with a capital S.Hehehe.

Then, it was Sofia's 4th birthday party.Since I was feeling tired and stress, I had the party catered...hmm, terkejut tengok rumah jadi sesak.Maybe, the next time, order makan aje, tak payah the whole shing bang.

Work was typical work,rasa macam tak cukup masa....asyik penuh aje meja...macam tak bergerak....I must learn to delegate work...HELLLLLLLLP!

The travelling, does not help....rasa penat,especially kalau the travelling coincide with weekends....frustrating ....other than that, I feel that am in deep #$%*# with M.Hmm, cant be pleasing everyone...the only thing that keeps me going is...buat kerja kerana Allah.

Had a dream two days ago...I ada boyfriend cute sangat,handsome...and very caring. Nothing x-rated about the dream...just a lot of hugging.I related this to hubby...he said mujur mimpi aje,mula-mula tak faham, than baru perasan what he meant.Heheheh, jealous juga abang ku ni....heheh. Cherio, dah nak masuk maghrib, tak mandi lagi. Balik awal, malam ni nak pi berinai Zalina.Soooo much to tell, tapi tak boleh nak cram semua.Lets hope I will dream of Ryan Reynolds tonight.A girl can wish right?Cherio again.