Sunday, October 19, 2008

One small step at a time.....

I am trying hard to change my eating habits to a better and heathier one. For the past two weeks, after raya celebration, asyik makan salads for lunch except for the occasional lunch date..., had lunch at Nando's with Amal last friday, we had chicken burger...hmm, the chicken was roasted not fried and the bun came with some it was kinda of healthy la...hehehe and the other lunch date was with my officer...I had no choice but to jamah nasi sikit. Dont get me wrong, I am not completely cancelling nasi from my menu. I still have nasi lemak at weekends.I noticed the last time, I was only on protein diet, the kilo melted away for awhile, but it came back viciously later...much alas, I gained back all the kilos and more....sobs,sobs,sobs.....

This morning, I put on my exercise gear (bought about 7 months ago, still had the "newness" smell)tried my very best to follow the instructions on the CD...while trying my best NOT to be pancit, heard Sofia exercising her lungs up stairs....wailing for mama to be, trying hard not to wake up the neighbours,kata "kan ayah ada...."

She came down, saw Mama trying hard to strech and jump, went upstairs again.....later ayah came down with Sofia again, looking not too happy.....hmm, even the sight of mama in tight pants, sweating (not the sexy way...heheh)and panting did not raise an eyelid from ayah.....hmmm.

Well, the exercise session became a watching session by the kids...ayah was smoking at the corner...maybe feeling a bit sore with the kids and not with mama I hope.

So, mama tried to finish the exercises.....sebelum ayah went out to buy newspapers....tanya nak makan nasi lemak ke.....thought hard for awhile....ayah waited patiently for an answer....hehheh. minta nasi lemak ayam goreng much for exercise ya...Well, I have to give myself credit for TRYING to make a change.... ciao.