Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rainy days....

I am named after the first muslim woman in nursing. She was the person who helped Prophet Muhammad s.a.w in nursing the wounded soldiers in the holy wars. Her contributions was so great that she was allowed by the Prophet to go to wars with the men. That was a great recognition of this wonderful lady. But alas, I do not think I am up to the standards of my name sake.

What's the relevance you may say, well, both of my kids were down with fever and coughing. Kakak had high temperature fever with asthma attack. Adik pun demam, tapi tak sepanas kakak. Took them to Hospital Sungai Buloh after suboh on wednesday morning. Risau with the curent H1N1 situation. Didnt want to be paranoid but didnt want to ambil mudah too. So, since wednesday, I took leave from work to take care of them. Kakak is much better now although masih nampak pucat and still coughing. On the other hand, adik's temperature naik and turun.She is also fine now but started coughing pulak.

Am thankful to the MA at hospital nama Adi, he took care of kakak well. Gave two doses of the neubuliser, bagi makan paracetamol and sponged kakak. The doctor was concerned that since kakak has a high fever with asthma, he gave her the anti viral medication for Inf. A and B as a precaution. She had a cocktail of medications untuk bawak balik. Adik on the other hand, dapat ubat demam and ubat selselma/batuk.Adik pi screening tapi kakak terus masuk emergency untuk athsma treatment.

This is where the role of my name sake comes in. I have been with the kids 24 hours since has not been easy. Kakak mula-mulanye senang makan ubat, lepas tu start episode drama minggu ini, panadol kena belah empat, capsule tak boleh telan and ubat anti viral rasa macam susu masam adik.Adik pulak tak ada problem makan ubat tapi tak mau makan. Risau asyik nak minum sirap aje or any liquid kecuali makan.Mata nampak kuyu tapi lawan mata untuk watch tv and dvds.Bila dapat tidur, adik tidur lama jugak.

This nurse got up at 2 plus in the wee hours of the morning untuk bangunkan kakak makan antibiotics. Tidur, tak beberapa nak lena cos takut telajak waktu.This morning, I think the whole neighbourhood boleh dengar my "letering" with kakak.She created the whole ugly scene of crying,tak boleh nak telan ubat,apa lagi I took over the lead role of "ibu tiri" pulak.Kesian hubby, his sleep was disturb by all these dramas.

The "nurse" in me was no where in sight.Thats why it doesnt take a rocket scientist to know that that I would not make a good nurse. Thus I have admiration for those unsung heroes in the nursing or medic field.

My late father must have good intentions when he named me after a great and iconic person.I hope some good values of the name sake tempias to me. Bless him.

p/s. to my dearest sisters - Kak, Kak Mah and Tizah...thanks for the concerned smses and calls. I really appreciated them. Its lovely to know that my kids have caring aunts. To Kak Dah, there is always a beautiful rainbow after the rain has stopped.The sun is shinning brightly.Insyaallah. Have a speedy recovery.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Just one of those days

Am at home. On mc for two days.Seems that I have acute tonsillitis/sinusitis.That explains the sore throat and the low grade temperature that I am having for the past 1week.Adik pun tak sihat.Her throat is sore too.Adik pun tak pi sekolah.Pi jumpa doc untuk adik but ended up with me kena check up too.Doc said I should be concerned about the haze.And about H1N1.In fact he shared his concerned about H1N1 for about 15 minutes.It's a nightmare (not the doc).

Enough about that,the weekend was pretty tiring.Work was work as usual.Had a family event.Zalina,abang's eldest got married on Saturday.Was up till 1.30am on Saturday, buat bridal bouquet.Tak sempat nak beli sponge yang baru, pakai yang lama(courtesy of Amal,thanks,appreciated it).So, bunga bila nak cucuk, tak lah berapa nak lekat.Frankly speaking, tak lah suka dengan the outcome, terpaksa ikat riben tinggi so that the lace will cover bahagian yang lompong.You are most welcome. Thank you.

Enough said, bawa balik kerja,kononnya nak buat on sunday,sampai kena pegang dengan tangan, beg dah penuh.Tapi,sunday was spend with the kids at Tesco beli barang rumah and hantar duit untuk Bibik.Tak tengok wayang with kak Mah.To be honest,quite disappointed tak dapat pi.