Sunday, February 21, 2010


Words, they say too much. Love comes in silence -Yasmin Ahmad.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Maybe it's just plain tiredness, maybe my period is due soon, maybe its just plain clash of personalities, maybe napoleon needs to start a fight, maybe its just another lesson to be learned, maybe its just another endless story to tell.Maybe.

I am trying to be a better person spiritually...trying to take everything in stride...trying to make lemonades out of lemons, trying to be a good Muslim, trying to be contended with what life has to offer. To be humble with what Allah swt has for me. Trying.

Today,I had a clash of opinions with a person I called Napoleon..Little N. Geram sangat-sangat.He went "blah...blah...blah", bercakap tak pandang kiri kanan...pakai redah aje, my ears was so sore. Surprisingly, although I was so annoyed with Little N,even though my hands were shaking as I was speaking...nevertheless, I spoke in a polite and sweet manner (bukan puji tapi the truth, hahaha). I didnt raise my voice..although Little N was so very rude...I realised that while the words were coming out of my mouth...I wanted to be dignified...I didnt want to stoop to his level.He is short anyway (oops!sorry!)Dah lah tu. Closure. I dah lepas perasaan kat lil sis tadi. Tak nak waste my time and energy writing about it.Let this end abruptly. Enough.I am NOT going to let Little N occupies a part of this beautiful mind.Hahaha.

Let me see....
There is something to look forward going to be a grandma..the first cucu for the Omarians..walaupun technically dah ada cucu on Zubir's side..but its not the same.Should I be called Tok Chik..because I am supposed to be mak cik but ended as Cippa@Cikpa.Or maybe Nana Cik...Nana Cikpa..nanna...or plain TOK.Maybe lepas tengok Ali Junior, it will come naturally.
Athira and Sofia will be I love babies...maybe Aisyah and Ali will let me babysit once awhile...


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Back to routine

My last posting was on 27, it's been about 20 days time flies so fast eh.I have been up and about at home, at office...dah lama tak baca blog sendiri pun not updated. Guilty of that. My mitigation is that I have been consumed with everything.The last 3 days have been filled with sleep and more sleep. On Saturday..lil sis and I went to see Konsert Satu sayang we were at the top level...gayat..and terpaksa hulur kepala and badan kedepan. So, the next visit to IB will not be tinggi ke atas. The next time, kena keluarkan duit lebih lagi..Oh ya, managed to watched Valentine's Day in the morning..hmm,I think I was the only person without a partner...I coupled with my chezzels..but the movie was not my cup of tea. Did not enjoy it.The kids spend some quality time with hubby...I think they got on his nerves...hahahaha.

Sunday was filled with tidur again but cook a storm with hubby for lunch..petang pi makan tauhu bakar and ABC kat Giant Shah Alam...Monday..was a lazy affair, I fried mee..had that for breakfast..hubby watched mama tidur lagi, petang pi ke One Utama. Mama beli banyak bunga kat Lovely Lace for my office...sometimes one needs to indulge for one's sanity...beli bantal untuk adik and ayah kat LQ..tapi ayah tak nak, so mama dapat bantal baru...I teringin nak makan cake, ended up, with rest nak cakes too, so tapau some cakes at Secret Recipes.. I realised I did not buat any kerja pejabat yang diusung balik dengan beratnya ke rumah...So tonight, the last nite of this long but short weekend (huh?!)...nampaknya kena burn the midnight I deserve this for being so lazy....hah! Back to routine.Argh!!!!!


P.S. Thanks Amal for Mat was hilarious...RI was really Mat Bunga,hilang macho...hahahha..tapi me, he is still DREAMY ...hahaha...ya..ya, I tengok jugak malam tu walaupun kepala penuh dengan suara FT and CT.